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Friday, September 30, 2011

Where Does A Mother Go To Resign?

Has anyone else read this book?

Where does a mother go to resign?

"There is no where to go! Once you have that kid it's like getting a life sentence in prison with no hope of parole!" - Barbara Johnson

This is one awesome book. I look at my life and think of all the troubles my husband and I have been through and continue to go through with our family. I get so upset sometimes and ask the Lord why things are the way they are. Especially lately.

Recently I was reminded of this book and reading about Barbara Johnson's story and all she had gone through, including a crippling car wreck for her husband, the death of two sons and the homosexuality of a third.

If there ever was a woman who has been through the "ringer", it was Barbara Johnson. But she came out on top, wrote lots of books, told her story & helped thousands (maybe millions) of women with her stories, and never lost her humor. Above all, she always kept her faith in our Lord Jesus. After all, there is no place for a mother to resign.

This wonderful lady died in 2007, but her story will forever be in my heart. I will meet her in Heaven one day, maybe we'll talk about the fact that both of us lost two sons. Or I could tell her how much I admired her for her perseverance, and the fact that through it all, she never doubted God's abundant love. That's the way I want to be.

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