Mark, Jennifer, Ethan, Emily

This blog is about our family, who have dealt with the loss of two sons with Muscular Dystrophy, the adoption of a son diagnosed with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum and the birth our a healthy little girl. It's a crazy life, but we are loving it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Heart of Christmas

I happened to catch this movie last night. It's not often that I sit down and watch t.v. It came on just as I was trying to get my kids rounded up for bed. I recognized the movie because I recently read an interview with Candace Cameron Bure and she was discussing the movie. So once the kids were in bed, I settled down and watched.

Oh my goodness. If you happen to catch this movie, you will not be disappointed. But let me warn you, you will need a box of tissue. I was mess after watching it, but it is a beautiful story that was based on actual events. I could relate to this couple. I don't want to give anything away, but I too had to watch my child (for me it was two of them) sick, in the hospital, suffer and go through different tests and treatments. So this story really touched me.

And I know it will touch you too! So if you get a chance to watch this movie, do so!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. On Thursday we met my side of the family at the community room at my grandmother's apartments. It was nice, spacious and the weather was beautiful.

We had a TON of food...

My babies were the only children there. Here's how they were entertained ....

me and my pickle lovin' girl...

Mark attempting to play football with some of the boys...
Ethan waiting for the ball...

We tried to to get everyone together for a family picture. I'm not sure why I'm not in this photo.

Then we took the crazy pics...
Then we had our pictures taken...

I then took pictures of my kiddos and I love how they turned out.

On Friday we went to Waco to spend time with Mark's family. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I thank my God for His love and many, many blessing he bestows on me daily, hourly and minutely. My heart is full.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Got A Dream & Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

My name is Jennifer, and I have a dream. It's not a big dream. Just a little one. Want to know what my dream is?

I want to be a stay at home mom, who makes cookies on the side. Friday, I got a little slice of my dream.

I took a day off from work because I was asked to make some cookies for my local bank's Christmas party. Yes, they have their party in November, before Thanksgiving.

So Friday morning, I got up early and took the kids to school, went by the grocery store for a few last minute things, then I came home and baked, baked, baked. 19 dozen cookies to be exact. I packed them up, went to pick the kids up from school, dropped the cookies off at the bank, took the kids to the library, picked up a movie from Red Box, came home, made dinner, watched movie and went to bed. It was magical, really. All day long I kept thinking, "This is what I want to do. I want to take care of my family, my home and bake awesome cookies once in a while.".

I mean who doesn't like cookies? You always hear people who are either team pie or team cake, but I think everyone is team cookies!! There isn't a pie or cake monster. No, there is only a cookie monster. And he even covered Carly Rae Jensen's hit song. Everyone love cookies!!

 So after baking for around 6 hours, my dining room looked like this.

Jello, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cake Mix & Monster Cookies

On Saturday, we got to the Christmas party around 45 minutes after it started. My mom and dad were already there since my mom works at the bank and she basically had to "work" at the party. I first saw my dad and he said my cookies were almost gone. I then got in line with the kids to see Santa. My mom joined us when the kids were getting their pictures made and she told me that my cookies were gone and all that was left were the store bought ones. I got compliments all night long on my cookies. I was so excited!!

We had a great time at the party, but the highlight was the photo booth.

First up was my mom & I.

I didn't realize how much taller I am than my mom. I'm even slouching and bending over here. I look like an Amazon woman next to her.

Next up was Mark, Emily and I.

I finally talked Ethan into getting into the photo booth with me. He's (s-l-o-w-l-y) maturing, and being in a photo booth with your mom isn't exactly cool I guess.

The look on Ethan's face is priceless!

And here's a (bad phone pic) of Emily and friends Kaylin & Kinley, who are identical twins.

So tomorrow it's back to work and I must head back to reality. But, we are having our Thanksgiving luncheon tomorrow. Cookies anyone?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just A Few Things

I'm one of those people who try to take it one holiday at a time. I enjoyed Halloween and I don't even want to think about Christmas till after I have my turkey on Thanksgiving.

However, Mark and I trying to be intentional this holiday season. We are trying to stress the importance of the real reason and meaning behind Christmas. We chose to participate in Operation Christmas Child.

Both of our kids got to pack a box for a child. They were really excited to pack all the little things we got and I'll post more about it when we drop off the boxes of Saturday. I'd post pictures but my camera ran out of batteries and I can't even turn it on to download them.

Whew, what a week it's been. I'm gearing up and getting ready to make A LOT cookies for our bank's annual Christmas party (this Saturday, before Thanksgiving), I've been practicing making homemade rolls, since I volunteered to bring them on Thanksgiving and Ethan decided to share his stomach bug with me which knocked me out all weekend. Thanks, E!

If I survive this week and remember to buy batteries, I'll post pictures!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

The kids had a great Halloween. They raked in a lot of candy. Our first stop was to Granny & PawPaw's house where my mom made the kids cute candy bags. Then, we took the kids to a couple of older neighborhoods in town. We walked up and down several streets and enjoyed watching ours and other kids go door to door.

Now, back when I was a crazy lady in pain with my sprained hip (about a month ago), my mom took my kids costume shopping for me. Believe me, I am so thankful she did that for me. That took one more thing off my list that I had to do while being the crazy lady in pain that I was.

That being said, Ethan's costume that he picked out was not one that I was exactly...... hmmm... how do I say this..... crazy about.

I have a rule of no scary, evil, ugly costumes. The first time I saw what he picked out, I told him I didn't approve. I got the "It's just a costume, Mom" from him. But, I let it go. And to my {happy} surprise, he only wore the mask to 1 house. He wasn't comfortable in it and said it was too hot.

So here is what my kiddos were for Halloween.

Bride & Goul

The blushing bride.
My Stinkbug!
Granny & Emily
Some of the loot.

And here is some blasts from the past. Tell me you remember Antione Dodson. Remember the "Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife" guy. If not, google him. You will not be disappointed.

2010 - Army guy, Dorothy & Antoine Dodson

2011 - Ninja & Vampire Queen

Here is one from 2007. Max had passed away the week before and I didn't have time to get the kids a costume. I rushed to Walmart on Halloween day and found the Batman costume for Ethan, but couldn't find anything for Emily. I finally put this cheerleader dress on her that used to be mine when I was a little girl. It was way too big for her, but it was something.

I'll have to dig through my other photos to see if I can find older Halloween pics. They're so fun to look back at and remember.