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This blog is about our family, who have dealt with the loss of two sons with Muscular Dystrophy, the adoption of a son diagnosed with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum and the birth our a healthy little girl. It's a crazy life, but we are loving it.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Share A Laugh Sunday

My sentiments exactly!

Movies And A New Wardrobe

Every summer our little town has a few nights where they have movies in the park.

I have never been.

I know.

But wait, I decided to bite the bullet, get out of my shell and live a little.

And I enjoyed it! So did the kids.

I didn't know just when "dusk" was, so we got their a little early. By early I mean about an hour.

But now I know.

And... my kids had a blast. Emily played at the playground. Ethan walked around and explored.

I decided to stick it to the man by bringing our own popcorn, drinks and snacks. I'm cheap frugal like that!

Handsome Ethan.

Beautiful Emily.

Me and my ladybug.

We saw Kicking & Screaming. Will Ferrell = Hilarious!

I also have been eying a wardrobe at a local antique store. The price was marked $135. I offered $115 and the owner asked me if it was for my daughter, who was with me and I said yes. He said he would take $110 because she was too cute. Score!

It was painted  black, then pink and distressed. I love it!

I think I'll take Emily next time I go back to the store looking for stuff for our bedroom!