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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

The kids had a great Halloween. They raked in a lot of candy. Our first stop was to Granny & PawPaw's house where my mom made the kids cute candy bags. Then, we took the kids to a couple of older neighborhoods in town. We walked up and down several streets and enjoyed watching ours and other kids go door to door.

Now, back when I was a crazy lady in pain with my sprained hip (about a month ago), my mom took my kids costume shopping for me. Believe me, I am so thankful she did that for me. That took one more thing off my list that I had to do while being the crazy lady in pain that I was.

That being said, Ethan's costume that he picked out was not one that I was exactly...... hmmm... how do I say this..... crazy about.

I have a rule of no scary, evil, ugly costumes. The first time I saw what he picked out, I told him I didn't approve. I got the "It's just a costume, Mom" from him. But, I let it go. And to my {happy} surprise, he only wore the mask to 1 house. He wasn't comfortable in it and said it was too hot.

So here is what my kiddos were for Halloween.

Bride & Goul

The blushing bride.
My Stinkbug!
Granny & Emily
Some of the loot.

And here is some blasts from the past. Tell me you remember Antione Dodson. Remember the "Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife" guy. If not, google him. You will not be disappointed.

2010 - Army guy, Dorothy & Antoine Dodson

2011 - Ninja & Vampire Queen

Here is one from 2007. Max had passed away the week before and I didn't have time to get the kids a costume. I rushed to Walmart on Halloween day and found the Batman costume for Ethan, but couldn't find anything for Emily. I finally put this cheerleader dress on her that used to be mine when I was a little girl. It was way too big for her, but it was something.

I'll have to dig through my other photos to see if I can find older Halloween pics. They're so fun to look back at and remember.

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