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This blog is about our family, who have dealt with the loss of two sons with Muscular Dystrophy, the adoption of a son diagnosed with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum and the birth our a healthy little girl. It's a crazy life, but we are loving it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Max!

Dear Sweet Max,

Four years ago today you came into the world. I didn't know how long you would be with us, but I'm thankful that God gave me 6 weeks to love on you before you went to Heaven.

I miss you terribly. I think I grieve for you the hardest. I felt like I really didn't get to know you. I cried every time I saw you because I knew you would be gone too soon. We were able to bring your big brother home & we were able to spend almost 7 months with him. We got to know his personality, see him smile & spend the holidays with him. So not having that with you has been very rough.

We spent as much time with you as we could.

We would come to visit every night. We would sing, read the Bible & pray over you; hoping for a miracle. The doctors finally told us it wouldn't be long. We were able to bring family in to meet you.  
Your brother and sister got to meet you before you left us.

You received lots of hugs & kisses as family came in to say goodbye.

You had reddish-brown hair.

You were so sweet.

You had sweet nurses & doctors. One of your nurses also took care of your big brother. She remembered him & asked to be able to take care of you too!

Sweet Max, although you were definitely a surprise, you were a blessing. I only had you with me for 6 short weeks, but I will be with you forever in Heaven. Even though my heart grieves for the loss of my baby boy who I should be celebrating his 4th birthday today, I will praise my Lord.

So, Happy Birthday sweet Max. Mommy & Daddy love you!!

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  1. I wish I knew the right words to say....but I don't and I'm sorry. Beautiful post.