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Friday, May 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday on Friday & My Baby Graduates!

Sorry I didn't get to my Thankful Thursday. Honestly, not a whole lot has been going on this week. On top of that, I came home from sick from work yesterday afternoon. After I came home, I changed clothes, wrapped myself in a blanket and crashed on the couch for a couple hours. It's what I really needed, and I totally forgot about updating my blog.

Well, last summer our AC went out. A couple months ago it was our water heater. This week, it's been this...

Our microwave. Don't hate because it's still sitting on a 1970's wallpapered shelf that the lady who lived in our house before us wallpapered. She put wallpaper on every wall in the house, even on the kitchen ceiling. Yes, there is wallpaper on our kitchen ceiling. True story. Anyway, I figure one day, I'm gonna get one of the over the stove microwaves. This microwave started to heat only 5 seconds at a time!

In the mean time, did you know the oven heats things, not just bakes them? Who knew? It's only taking it 5x longer to heat leftovers than my microwave, but whateves!

The big and "I'm thankful" news is this...

My baby graduated from Kindergarten today!

This picture makes me so happy. I love them both so much!

Me and my baby girl.

And, if you remember my little rant I did on parents who have no social training, (if not, you can read it here) it happened again. Here is my view of all the kindergarten classes singing.


Praying everyone has a wonderful week!

Love, Jennifer

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