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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Siblings, An Anniversary,Cub Scout Sunday & Ethan Gets Groovy

Weird title. I know. But I have lots of stuff to share from this past week.

First off. I found this on Emily's door the other day. I totally understand. Ethan has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He get's wild really easy and once he's hyper, it's had to calm him down. He acts a lot out of impulsiveness. A lot of time Emily get's the brunt of Ethan's mood. If she refuses to play with him, or if something happens while they are playing with each other, he will impulsively hit her or say ugly words. My husband and I are trying to use the doctor's tips and redirect him, and then later address what he's done.

Ethan is never going in my room again.
Not bad writing for a 5 year old. She wrote it herself. Ha!

Just the day after that note appeared on her door, I found this on her easel in her room. She has such a big heart for her big brother. We always try to take her aside and encourage her.

On February 1st, the Hub and I have been married 15 years. We got my parents to watch the kids on Saturday afternoon and we went to Austin, ate a wonderful late lunch and then went shopping. Mark automatically drove to a Hobby Lobby and then Target after lunch. He's so sweet and knows me so well.

Ready to celebrate 15 years!

So good. First time to eat here.

This Sunday was Cub Scout Sunday. Ethan got to wear his Cub Scout uniform to church and his daddy recognized him during the service.

Last but not least, Ethan had his 3rd grade program last Thursday. It was songs of the 60's. They sang 60's songs from the whole decade, like The Twist, Downtown, Cool Jerk, The Adam's Family, I'm a Believer and ending up with Age of Aquarius. They talked about things, news, dances and styles that were popular in the 60's.

The thing with ACC, kids may have a hard time socially. Ethan struggles with this. He doesn't like public singing or dancing. He's usually the kid in the group that just stands there stone still while the other kids are singing and dancing around him. He's had a hard time this year in 3rd grade socially. Example, he still thinks it's funny to make toot sounds under his armpit. His peers laughed at first, but after a while, they get tired of him acting up. They're maturing. Ethan is still very immature.

This being said, Ethan told me he didn't want to go to his 60's program. He told me they would be singing and dancing and some kids will get to say parts into a microphone and they would have to dress up 60's style. I told him he didn't have to dress up, but I think he would have fun if he went.

The night of the program, I tried to get Ethan to at least wear a tie died shirt. No go. It was a black t-shirt and jeans for him. I didn't argue. We went to the program and he did great. I was a little worried at first.

It was super crowded. Other parents don't listen very well to instructions. We were asked to sit down and keep the talking to a minimum. See the lady in the striped shirt? Every time I would stand up to snap a picture of Ethan real quick, she did the same. I saw her back most of the night and not the kids. Sheesh!

But, Ethan did well. I even managed to get him on video dancing. Well done little man. I was very proud of you. Enjoy!

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