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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Open Letter To All My Appliances & Electronics

*Warning, what you are about to read is not my normal happy, smiley, sunshiny work of art it normally is. It's  true, down right childish complaining. If you like my normal syrupy writing, you might want to skip. If you want to hear me rant, well keep reading my friends.*

Dear All My Appliances & Electronics in my home,

What's up with ya'll? Do ya'll get together when we are not home and decide who's going to stop working next? Seriously. It's not funny anymore.

Last summer, when it was eleventy hundred degrees outside and when we were 100+ days without rain, the outside air conditioner unit quit. Yeah, that sucked. But so far this year, our water heater, both lawn mowers, microwave, DVD player and now that it's eleventy hundred degrees again, the inside AC unit is acting up.Oh, and my husbands computer died. Dead in the water, dead.

Life this past week has given me lemons. I'm tired. Thanks to my AC, I'm occasionally hot. My kids are using my laptop to watch movies, and I can't read all the status' of the people I went to high school with on Facebook. This is important. Even though we didn't talk in high school and if they saw me on the street we probably still wouldn't speak.

I slipped and fell at work the other day in the break room. Someone spilled water on the floor (and didn't wipe it up, lazy bafoons) and I stepped in it and fell right on by badonkadonk. The only good thing about this is no one saw me.

I found some cute chunky wedged shoe sandals on clearance at Target for $7.48. I thought you can't pass a deal like that up, so I purchased them. I showed them to my mom and she told me they looked uncomfortable instead of cute like I thought she would. I wore them to church today and I almost tripped again wearing said shoes coming in the door. *Sigh*. Said shoes also rubbed the top of my right foot (which is my bigger foot) and gave me a blister. *Sigh Again.*

My kids managed to truly tick my dad off to the point he lost his cool. And this man is usually the poster child for patience. Imagine my embarrassment.

The aforementioned being said, I would appreciate if you guys would give me a break for a while. We replaced the water heater, got a new lawnmower, microwave and computer. We're dealing with the DVD and on occasion, the AC when it acts up. I think my kids and my cute (I hate to say uncomfortable, but they really are) shoes are a lost cause. I say, nothing else breaks until at least next year. I don't think that's too much to ask.

I hope this next week gives me roses and sunshine. Or at least some sugar, water, a lemon juice squeezy thing, a spoon and a pitcher to go with the lemons it throws at me.

Until then, stay working and running!


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  1. he he he! Your appliances must know my appliances:)