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Sunday, October 28, 2012


The last Saturday in October means it's Hogeye Festival time.

Last year, we took the kids to our town's fall festival. And I think I complained a couple of times about how hot it was.

This year, we went again but instead of sweating, we were freezing. It's central Texas, go figure. You never know what the weather's gonna be like this time of year. Freezing rain, blustering wind or serious heat, you just never know.

Anyway, this year Mark decided to rent a booth for our church. If you didn't know, Mark is the pastor of our church and his goal was to get the name of our church out there.

We live in a small town where there is 70+ churches,  and we are one of the small ones.

So, the day was beautiful. The sun came out but is was so cold in the morning and the wind was coming from the north, we all froze our tushies off. It warmed up some in the afternoon, but not enough for me. It felt good in the sun as long as the wind wasn't blowing.

Here is our tent.

My handsome husband.

Ethan helping in the booth.

He kept all the prizes filled out on the table.

When Ethan & I went to find Mark some coffee, this little girl came by the booth. Her name is Kelsey and Ethan said she is his girlfriend. I was so upset I missed meeting her. Mark had met her previously and took a picture for me... and Ethan.
By the way, I got Mark a large coffee and Ethan ordered a snow cone. He ate the whole thing and then complained how cold he was.

Kelsey & Momma
Emily saw a clown making balloon animals. She wanted one, so I told her to go ask how much they were. She comes back to me with this butterfly and tells me it's $4. OMG!! for a couple of balloons? I had to fork over the money since she already made the thing, but I told Emily she was supposed to ask first, then let me know how much they were. Had I known it was $4, I would have said no, no and no!!

Ethan got to climb in an old fire truck.

Some of the crowd.

A lady came by with a pink guinea pig. Pink is the theme of the Hogeye Festival.

Ethan demonstrating our booth's penny toss. He had to get a penny in the cup inside the water.
The Citizens On Patrol (COPs) from my work were there doing Child ID. They took pictures of the kids, fingerprinted them and got them on video talking and walking to capture there voice and mannerisms. They then gave me the CD's to keep. If anything ever happened to the kids, I can give the CD to the police to help them ID the kids and find them faster. I loved this!

They even got to meet McGruff, the crime dog.

We ran into Emily's friend, Emily.
And the highlight of being outdoors all day were using these....

I think this was the one and only time in my life I ever wished I was a man.

We had a great, successful day. Mark ordered 48 bibles and gave away all but 6. He made lots of connections with the people of our small town. I was so proud of him and the members of our church who came out on this very cold day and reached out to the people who came by.

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