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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emily Turns 6!

So as mentioned in my last post, Emily turned 6.

Her birthday was on a Wednesday and her party was the Saturday after.

So, the day of her birthday Mark brought her and Ethan up to my work and we took them to lunch. Mark said he was going to make Emily a special birthday dinner for her.

I came home and found this...

Mark made Shrimp Alfredo, grilled tilapia, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and eggs with the hollandaise sauce. Now, this doesn't sound like a dinner for a six year old little girl. But let me tell you, Emily loved it. She ate seconds on everything.

Mark also bought a carrot cake for her. So that evening, we cut up the cake and served it up. Emily wanted a candle in her cake. I searched and searched for some birthday candles and for the life of me I could only find one candle in the house and it wasn't a birthday candle. We even sang happy birthday.

Ignore King of the Hill on in the background.

Blowing out her "birthday" candle.
Ethan trying carrot cake for the first time.
Saturday was her big day. Her party this year was Ice Cream themed.

Ice Cream Cake Pops

Chocolate covered pretzels, ice cream marshmallows & ice cream toppings

Cupcakes & cupcake cones

We played games.

Musical Chairs.

We ate.

We sang happy birthday and ate cake.

She opened gifts.

She got her first DS!
We had a lot of family and friends come. It was really overwhelming to see everyone and come out of love for our daughter.

Ethan even ate a hot dog, which he says he doesn't like.

A big thank you to my sweet sister-in-law Kayla, who helped out with the craft and the games and to my mom, who took care of the food so I could do the games, pictures and other stuff at the party.

It was a wonderful day! So, Happy 6th Birthday Miss Emily Claire!

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