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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Talk About...Food, Baby!

OK. Let's talk about one of my favorite topics... food.

More specifically, food that I've made. Here is some things I have created recently.

First up, I made a no-bake chocolate chip cheese cake which I found here.

Chocolate chip cheesecake

It was really good. I think next time I'll try it a little differently. I love mint, so time I might use the Andes mint pieces instead of the mini chocolate chips, add a little green food coloring & mint extract in the cream cheese mixture.
Egg rolls
Dear egg rolls, how do I love thee? I have never made these before so it was the first time for these little guys. I used chicken, purple cabbage, mushrooms & onions in my mixture. See how they gradually got a little darker & darker. Yeah, that's what happens with two kids running around. You'll get a little distracted. These little guys were good and all gone by the next day.
Oatmeal chocolate covered raisin cookies

Wanted some oatmeal cookies the other day. I didn't have any raisins, but my husband had just bought a bag of chocolate covered raisins, so whala!! The oatmeal chocolate covered raisin cookie was born.

Here is a cake I made for my kids in honor of them going back to school. Ethan's going to 3rd & Emily is going to Kindergarten. Yes, I will be a complete mess and in a puddle of tears tomorrow. More on that later.

I got the idea for this cake here. I was in a hurry to get this cake done so the Kit Kats aren't evenly placed on the cake. They're kind slapped on in a hurry.

Emily asked me if I wrote the words in glue!

Here's a cute idea that will let your kids play with their food. My daughter LOVES bread. She will ask for a plain piece of bread to snack on. I saw this idea somewhere in blogland & thought I'd try it.
Grab a cute little helper...

Take some milk, add food coloring...

Some bread, or in our case a hamburger bun & a NEW paintbrush & come creativity.

You get an edible work of art & a happy girl.

I toasted this for her, and she couldn't have been any happier. 
Ever had cake mix cookies? 
1 cake mix, I used funfetti; 2 eggs & 1/3 cup of oil

Mix it up. Um, you gotta watch out for your helpers. Mine loves cookie dough.

Roll them babies up!

Now, you can bake them as directed and frost them like the directions suggest (directions on the side of the Funfetti box). That's what I usually do. 

This time I did them a little different. I rolled them in sprinkles.

You  can now bake as directed. I didn't have enough sprinkles for all the dough. So, I added my left over mini chocolate chips from my chocolate chip cheesecake to the rest of the dough.

Lastley, I made this...

A stromboli

I know it doesn't look all that great and kids questioned me for like, 5  minutes asking me "What's that?" "What's in this?" "Is that a mushroom in there?"

But after they tried it, they liked it. I told them it's good to try new things. Nobody wants chicken nuggets & macaroni & cheese for every meal. Well, nobody over 10 anyways.

Until next time... happy eating!!!!

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